Thursday, June 18, 2009

too much drama

wow ive been stressed lately and as a result ive been overloading brandon with me venting. But theres just way too much drama and I need to learn to not care what people think so much, but everyones been jumping down my throat since i got back with brandon and im just the ex girlfriend to his friends so he's been going out and having fun and ive been stuck here with homework blah! works still pissing me off and my mom just volunteered me to feed all there animals while there gone camping. So everyones been having fun without me or just having fun and im not. I like this blog for venting ^^

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last time I posted I was still in tri cities. This past week has been hectic and insane. I was in tri cities then Brandons dad asked him to help him and his gf move to spokane, so I was origionally going to just head back to yak, but then decided since I knew he was very tired that I would go with them as well since I have my license. Stayed up till lik 9 or 10 in the morning, worked with him and his dad that morning and then headed back to tri cities the next day. I loved spokane its an awsome and beautiful city. I so wanna move there later. Then brandon decided to come with me back to yak to help me move so tables and put our new one in there. Ended up getting a job interview and might possibably have a job over here soon ^^. I'm so excited for that b/c that means he'll live here and we could get a place together later!!!! Then I started school and tried to work on it during all this crazyness but alas I just finished up my last few assignments for the first week and now gonna move on to the second week later today, its just been so crazy lately I have to go get him from tri cities in the morning somehow find time to work on school, possibably go feed moms animals if they went camping and work too. Ahhhhh where am I gonna find the time =( idk but I'll try to find it. anywayz later to all of you till I post again when My lifes less crazy or when I have time to lol. bye bye everyone.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wow my life sure has been crazy lately.

Ok so since monday night I've been in tri cities visiting for a few days. All the while working on my school work I just started. This whole weeks been crazy so far. I got here posted on twitter like I always do that I am in tri cities staying for a few days and might go down and see my brother in walla walla which the seeing the brother didn't work out. =( Anyway I get in a fight with one of my best friends b/c for some reason she always gets pissed everytime I go to tri cities. She'll get over it but I kno she's gonna be mad at me in a few weeks for a while too probably, because I want to save up and transfer down here I miss it so much, its so much calmer than yakima and there's so much more to do. Plus if I do me and Brandon can finally after dating him for almost a year and a half off and on only b/c we're still on a break get our own apt! I wanna be with him so bad and I kno if everyone sees how happy he makes me they should back off. But I've been hanging out with him all while working on my school work off and on. well thats all for now till I post again =)